Creating future is the name I gave my hobby projects. For now it isn’t a company.

We can create your future, but for now it will just by you reading the content on this site. I’m not available for paid projects.

I have such broad interests that there might be whole sections that don’t interest you while other pages might give you insight in how to live your life (Big exaggeration)


ZX Enigma

A ZX Spectrum assembly application simulating the WWII Enigma cipher machine. My first venture in Z80 assembly and ZX Spectrum programming.

Latest articles

  • ZX Spectrum: Assembly programming
    There are quite a few emulators around for the ZX Spectrum, and even more Z80 assemblers. So it can be hard to find the one that works best for you. Editors: While you can use notepad to write your code, it offers no support.
  • New project: ZX Spectrum Enigma
    I’ve started a new project where I will attempt to make an Enigma simulator on the ZX Spectrum 48 using assembly.