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Creating Future



This project is created in collaboration with Parallax Inc. We've been working on this since April 2014. Even though since mid 2016 there it's being actively developed by Parallax itself, it still is, and always will be, a free and open source project.

BlocklyProp is a Google Blockly adaptation for the Parallax Propeller microcontroller. It provides a graphical, browser based, editor where programs are created using blocks. It can both generate the native Spin language as well as Propeller C. To limit what needs to be installed on the local system, one of the big features is the Cloud based compiling where your code is analyzed in the cloud, compiled and it returns a binary that can be loaded into the Propeller over a serial connection.

Among the supported boards is their entry level robot called S3, their main development board: the Activity Board WX. And if you ever visit a conference where the Parallax Hackable Electronic Badge is used, also that board is supported.


Taggy is a project that is initiated from within Creating Future, where the first code was written in July 2016. But the concept of a multi view system on your information has been in the idea phase for years. There was even a small java based desktop version written years ago.

The new version is a web based application where you configure different categories of tags and use these tags on your resources. These resources are different types of material, like passwords, documentation, files. Including an advanced access control system.